If You Are Looking for a Preschool for Your Child in Dublin You Have Choices

Choice is an important value in American society. People like to be able to choose and hate to be told...
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The Montessori Method in Dublin Makes Learning Fun for Kids

Dublin parents are "into" their kids. Just take a stroll on a nice Sunday afternoon, and you'll see parents and...
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Public Schools Are Free in Dublin, California, Which Is Great, but Their Hours Are Limited

Don’t get us wrong on this one: we know that there are very many great public schools available in Dublin,...
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Oops! It’s September. Have You Left Choosing a Preschool in Dublin, California, Too Late?

Well, now you’ve really gone and done it. You waited until September and you still haven't enrolled your littler wunderkid...
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Dublin Preschools? We Could be a Little Italian, or a Little Irish, or A Little of Everything!

If you are looking for Dublin Montessori preschools for your child, you may well be wondering if Learn And Play...
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If You Live in Pleasanton, Your Nearby Montessori Schools are in Dublin and Fremont

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If You Want Your Child to Go to a Public Preschool in Dublin, Your Options are Limited

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There are Some Great Public Dublin Kindergartens, if You Can Handle the Hours

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St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin California! An Event for Montessori Education

In the multicultural, diverse Bay Area, we try to expose our children to as many cultural traditions as we can,...
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If you Want a Dublin Preschool, Check out Learn And Play Montessori on Google and Yelp

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St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin is Not Very Far Away. It’s March 17th!

We’re always excited when St. Patrick’s Day comes around. It’s a “teachable moment” for our Dublin Montessori kids, to learn about Irish history and culture AND realize that Dublin, CA, was literally named after historic Dublin in Ireland. That’s because a lot of the founders of the city came from Dublin and named it for the place where they were born.St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, California by Montessori Preschool Kids!

The annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration takes place over two days and starts with a pancake breakfast at the Dublin firehouse which the kids love, because the firefighters show them around. The festival used to be held in Shamrock Village on Amador Valley Blvd, but in 2007 was moved to the Civic Center. There is a 5k Fun Run And Walk, a parade with lots of floats and bands, and there are games, kiddies rides, food, arts and crafts and more. The whole festival is sponsored by the Dublin Hosts Lions Club.

At our Dublin Montessori we are located on Silvergate Drive and we are ideal for working parents because we open at 7.00 am and we go right through until 6.30 pm, so whatever your working hours, we are convenient. You can drop your little darling off on the way to work and pick him or her up again on the way home. We take children from the ages of two to six.

Plenty Of Natural Light

Our Dublin CA Montessori has five large classrooms with extended windows in order to let in the maximum amount of natural light, even on a dull day. We have lots and lots of Montessori materials from which the children can choose, as the Montessori method is based around giving the child a choice about what he wishes to learn. All of the materials are obviously designed so that the children learn both fine and gross motor skills, but they can choose what takes their interest. This means that they are learning about something because they want to learn about it, so they quite naturally want to explore and find out more.

This is so much better than the way many of us were brought up which involved being told what to do and sitting listening to the teacher talking. Our kids here are hands on, and they learn by doing, not sitting and listening. Your child is unique, and the Montessori program is designed to be unique too. The teacher will keep an eye on what your child is doing, and then when the time is right will introduce him to further Montessori materials to explore.

This is why our children seem to progress so much faster than in the public school system where it is designed as “one size fits all”. We have never believed that it does.

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