Dublin is a town with spirit! We have the BEST St. Patrick’s Day parade in California (for obvious reasons) and we have a “small town” atmosphere, despite the fact that we’re growing. People here know each other. Dublin Montessori – a preschool with spirit.There are many young parents here too, who are looking for the best Dublin preschool options. Learn And Play Montessori is an excellent option, and we’re proud to say that we have that “Dublin spirit” as well.

We serve the tri-city area of Dublin, San Ramon, and Pleasanton, as well as neighboring Livermore, and Castro Valley, and we are ideally situated for the I-680 and I-580. We are also convenient for working parents because we open at 7.00 am and stay open until 6.30 pm, so whatever your working hours are, we are here for you and your child. Furthermore, we are open all year round.

Our campus has five very large and bright classrooms with extended windows, because we believe that one should have as much natural light as possible. The classrooms are filled with a wide choice of Montessori materials, and each child is free to roam the classroom and select whatever he or she chooses which catches their interest.

Our Children Learn To Love Learning – That’s the Montessori Method

This is one of the reasons why the Montessori method works so well, because each child learns about something which interests him and about which he wants to find out more. Very quickly, our children learn to love learning for the sake of it, and this is something that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. Our children are not sitting cross-legged on the floor listening to a teacher talking about something that they may or may not find of interest. They learn using all their five senses, exploring the world around them. This is another reason that we believe that we are the best of your Dublin preschool options.

Our teachers keep an eye on what each child is doing and will introduce him to further materials when the time is right. Furthermore, in each class we have a range of ages and it is often the case that the older children will help out the younger ones if they are having a problem understanding something.

Our Dublin preschool also has an outside playground close by the rear of the school. This is fully gated and secure and allows the children to play outside and explore the world of nature around them.

If you are looking at the Dublin preschool options for your child, we invite you to come into the campus and take a look around for yourself so that you can see just how well our children are developing.