There are some very fine preschools in Dublin, CA, and we should know because at Learn And Play Montessori, we are one of them. In fact, we are the best in class Montessori preschool in Dublin which you can check out by listening to some of our reviews here: Just follow the link and see what our parents have to say if you are looking for Dublin preschools.Take a tour of Learn And Play Montessori in Dublin

Better still, come along and take a tour. When it comes to Dublin preschools, we are up for the challenge. That is why we welcome parents to drop in at any time between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday through Friday as a walk-in. That means that we can’t “prepare” anything, and you get the opportunity to take the school tour when it suits you, and more importantly, you see everything exactly as it is on a day to day basis. If you do wish to make an appointment, of course, that’s fine too. That’s your choice.

Every Preschooler Is A Unique Individual

The Montessori method is based upon the fact that every child is a unique individual and is to be respected for who and what he or she is. This is why the method allows the child to choose what it is that he or she wants to learn about.

Our classrooms in our Dublin campus are filled with the finest quality Montessori materials, and each child is permitted to choose anything that catches his or her eye and then experiment with it, explore it, and find out about what it is and what it does. The child can do this on his own or with others in a group: it is entirely up to the child.

What this means is that the child is learning about something because he wants to find out about it: he is not sitting down listening to a teacher talking about something that may, or may not, be of interest. As a result, the child quickly comes to love learning for the sake of learning, and that alone is a skill that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

Furthermore, because each child is learning about something different from the next child, there is no sense of urgency and no “competition” to see who is going to be “the best”. Each child is allowed to proceed at his own pace. It’s a fact that some children are quite simply quicker learners than others. That doesn’t mean that slower learners should somehow be penalized. The teacher keeps an eye on each child’s progress and when he is ready for it will introduce him to further materials.

So if you are looking for Dublin preschools, be sure to put us on your list.