Dublin parents are “into” their kids. Just take a stroll on a nice Sunday afternoon, and you’ll see parents and kids out in the park, enjoying our beautiful Northern California weather. Learn And Play Montessori, Dublin, CA.Well, one way to be “into” your children is to offer them the Montessori method – we make learning fun!

Who knew? That learning could be fun? When you were at kindergarten or school, do you recall it being fun, or was it all “Sit down there. Read this. Learn that. Do as you’re told”? We suspect we know the answer to that one!

That is, unless you were brought up in the Montessori way. At Learn And Play Montessori in Dublin, our kids actually have fun while they are learning. This is because, as the leading Dublin, California, Montessori school we use the Montessori method exclusively – and the kids love it!

Why do they love it? It’s actually really simple. They love it because they are doing what they want to do. They learn to love to learn.

This is how our Dublin, California, Montessori method works. Our school has five large classrooms which are light and airy, and which are filled with a huge collection of Montessori materials. Each of the children is allowed to roam the classroom and look at all the materials until they find something which catches their eye. When they do, they are free to pick up whatever it is, take it off into a corner or sit at a desk, play with it, explore it, find out about it, for as long as they like.

Do You See How It Works?

Do you begin to see how this works? Imagine being allowed to roam Sears or Macy’s and pick up anything that takes your fancy. Sure, there would be a lot of things which hold no interest for you at all. But then you come across something and think “That’s interesting”. (Unfortunately, they won’t let you take it home!).

But you have found something interesting and you want to look at it, find out more about it, and so on. So you are doing it because you WANT to find out about it.

It’s the same with our Dublin, California, Montessori school. The kids learn because they WANT to learn. Very quickly, they explore whatever interests them because they want to find out about it. What happens is that our teachers, all of whom are Montessori qualified, keep an eye on the children and when the time is right, they will introduce them to some further materials.

Now isn’t that so much better than having to sit and listen to a teacher talking about something that not only might not interest you, but that you might find utterly boring? We think so. And so do our kids.