Dublin parents are not stupid. They want the best school options for their preschoolers. That’s why so many are keen on the Montessori method. Dublin CA Montessori schoolsThey have family and friends who have children who are a little older and they have heard how incredible the Montessori method of learning is, and so they come and talk to us at Learn And Play Montessori.

If you are looking for Dublin, CA, Montessori schools, we are always happy to welcome any parents to drop in for a tour of our Dublin campus. You don’t have to make an appointment – although you can if you wish – because you can drop in at any time between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday through Friday and we will be happy to show you around so that you can see for yourself just how well our children are doing.

This means that, when you are looking for Dublin, CA, Montessori schools, there is no way that we could “set things up”! You will get to see exactly what our children are doing and how happy they are all day and every day. We doubt that many other private schools would let you do that.

This Is How The Montessori Method Works

If you are not all that familiar with the Montessori method of learning, it basically works by letting each child choose what to learn about. Our Dublin campus has five large and light classrooms with extended windows, in order to let in the maximum amount of natural light. There is also a large securely gated playground near the back of the school, where the children can explore the outside world, play, and have fun.

Each of our classrooms has a large selection of high-quality Montessori materials, and every child is allowed to look around and find something that interests him or her. He, or she, can then play with it and explore it, finding out all about it. This is very different from the traditional method of teaching, because the child is learning about something because he wants to find out more about it, rather than having to sit and listen to a teacher talk about something which may not interest him at all.

What the Montessori method does is to treat each child as an individual, which he is, with individual likes and dislikes, so he very quickly begins to love learning about something simply for the sake of learning. He wants to explore it. He wants to find out about it. How much better is that than sitting cross-legged on the floor listening to a teacher talking?

If you are looking for Dublin, CA, Montessori schools, drop by and see for yourself.