Don’t get us wrong on this one: we know that there are very many great public schools available in Dublin, California, and we believe it is right that every child should have the very best education possible, regardless of any other consideration. Dublin California PreschoolsFurthermore, our public schools are free, and so they should be. Not every parent can afford private education, and so it is right that the less fortunate in our society should have access to the same levels of education as everyone else.

However, one of the big drawbacks with Dublin public preschools is the very limited hours. Many parents these days have to work, and often work long hours. Some parents are single parents which can make life even more difficult. This can automatically mean that the parent(s) choice of employment is very restricted because you will be hard put to it to find an employer who is quite happy to let you take an hour off work to go and pick up your child from one of the Dublin public preschools and drop him round at your mother’s and then come back to work again. Equally, an employer may open for business at 8.00 am when the public preschool doesn’t open until 8.30 or 9.00 am.

Being A Working Parent With A Youngster Can Be SO Difficult

It is not so bad when the children get older, as they can go home on their own, sit and do their homework, or even just watch TV, but you can’t do that with a three-year-old. Somebody has got to be looking after him or her at all times. This is why being a working parent with a youngster, or even two youngsters, can be so difficult. Trying to fit everything around the times when the Dublin public preschools open and close can be a nightmare.

This is just one reason why so many parents want to get their youngsters in to Learn And Play Montessori in Dublin. It is because we offer you something that the public preschools don’t, and that is choice. We open at 7.00 am and we don’t close until 6.30 pm, so instead of you having to fit your hours around us, we fit our hours around you. We have several different programs available so you can choose the hours which fit around your work requirements. This means that you can get a full-time job which is far better paid than washing dishes or doing house cleaning.

In addition, we use the Montessori method of learning which we firmly believe is the absolutely best possible start on the road to full time education that any child could possibly have.