If you are looking for a Pleasanton Montessori preschool or kindergarten for your child, you might broaden your search to nearby towns such as Dublin or Fremont. Certainly, there are some great public schools in Dublin, California, but a decided lack of Montessori preschool options in the East Bay.A Pleasanton Montessori in Dublin, California

However, there is some good news. Learn And Play Montessori has a school in Dublin and no less than four schools in nearby Fremont, so depending on which way your commute takes you, we have a preschool and/or kindergarten that is suitable for your child. We have another school in Danville too, which has recently opened. So in all, you have a choice of six Pleasanton Montessori preschools and kindergartens within easy reach.

We may be biased, but we sincerely believe that the Montessori method of learning is by far and away the best for every youngster. In fact, we invite all parents to drop in to one of our campuses and see for yourselves. The Montessori method is based on the idea that every child is a unique individual with his or her own likes and dislikes, and that children will learn far more quickly and comprehensively if they are exploring something which they find of interest.

The Child Chooses For Him Or Herself

This is why the Montessori method allows the child to choose for him or herself what to learn about. Our classrooms are all light, large and airy, and filled with a huge choice of Montessori materials. The children can roam the classroom at will and play with the materials until they find something of interest. Then they can take them over to a corner or a desk and play with them and learn about them, or perhaps two children might enjoy the same thing and so explore them together.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is that each child is learning about something because he finds it of interest and, therefore, he WANTS to learn more about it. So the process of learning about something new becomes fun instead of a chore, perhaps sitting listening to a teacher talking about a subject which may hold no interest at all. Our children learn to love learning for its’ own sake and this sets them off on a lifetime of inquisitiveness, always wanting to know more.

Furthermore, our children learn by doing, using all of their five senses, rather than just listening. If you think back to your own schooldays, there were probably many occasions when you couldn’t wait for class to end and to get out of school. Our children often don’t want to leave at the end of the day!

If you are looking for a Pleasanton Montessori, do drop by at one of our campuses and find out more.