This might scare you, but not only have we turned the corner of the year, but February is already heading into Marchy. April is not far off, and on March 17th it is St Patrick’s Day, and Dublin has a huge St Patrick’s day parade. The best Montessori preschool in the East Bay in Dublin, CaliforniaGuess what? It also has one of the best Montessori preschools in the East Bay – ours, at Learn And Play Montessori. So before St Paddy’s Day, drop by for a tour of the school and see how well the children are doing.

Our Dublin Montessori preschools campus is ideally situated if you live in San Ramon, Pleasanton, Livermore, Castro Valley, or Hayward, especially if you commute up and down the I680 or the 580. We open early in the morning at 7.00 am and don’t close until 6.30 pm so whatever time you start and finish work, we are convenient.

Our campus has five beautiful, large classrooms which have extended windows for maximum natural light, which enhances the academic and developmental environment. There is plenty of room for the children to move around and explore the huge choice of Dublin Montessori preschools materials that we have in order to help their development and learning. We also have a playground near the back of the school which is fully gated and safe, and allows the children to play and learn outside when the weather permits.

A Method Of Learning, Not Teaching

The Montessori method of learning is just that – a method of learning, not a method of teaching. The children do not sit down and listen to a teacher talking to them, but rather explore the materials available and choose the ones which interest them. So what they do is find things to which they feel a connection and then learn about them. Because they are interested in what they are learning they are keen to learn more. They also learn by doing, using all their five senses rather than just their ears.

Our teachers keep a close eye on each child and watch how they are progressing with the materials they have chosen and will then introduce them to further materials and ideas when they judge that the child is ready to move forward. There is no pressure on the children to achieve a certain target because there are no targets, and equally there is no sense of competition because the children are studying different things.

In fact, in the Montessori method of learning the children help each other, and the older ones will show the younger ones the way forward. It all makes for a rich preschool learning experience second to none.